Split Banana delivers inclusive and relevant relationship and sex education programmes in schools

An innovative sex-ed programme

From working in schools, we know how tempting one-off sex-ed sessions can be. They’re cheap, easy to timetable and tick boxes. But we believe that students deserve more.

We deliver our flagship programme over four 2-hour sessions. We also include a pre-programme consultation, and a post-programme follow up.

This enables us to create content specific to your school’s needs, build trusting relationships with students and cover the breadth of knowledge and skills required to build a solid RSE foundation for life.

We want to make this possible for every school so are happy to work around your needs.

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What does this look like?

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Our impact

We meet the Department for Education RSE statutory guidelines and Ofsted requirements. Beyond this, our programme is designed around four main outcomes: mental health, knowledge, social and emotional learning and empowerment. By the end of our programme students are…

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We focus on strengthening self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

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Our programme ensures that students receive the most up-to-date RSE content on health, legislation, resources and services available.

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Communicating openly and listening to others is at the heart of any healthy relationship in life. We give young people the space to practise this, and support them to act with empathy.

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We make sure our students feel empowered to act on what they've learned. We want them to value their voices and make positive changes within in their peer groups, communities and wider society.


“The sessions that Split Banana ran were excellent, and the pupils responded really well. They address the issues that are most important, in a way that the students could engage with. They covered everything that I wanted for the year group. A fantastic part of our wellbeing day.”

- Director of Learning, Totteridge Academy


“The Split Banana programme was a wonderful experience for our young people.  The activities and topics covered were well planned and the choice of what was covered had student involvement – which is so valuable.

Anna and Matilda are extremely professional, well organised and enthusiastic. The students responded well to them and felt comfortable to ask questions and get involved with class discussions about sensitive topics. The work that Split Banana do is so important for young people and I would highly recommend the programme to any school.”

- Citizenship Lead, Langdon Park School

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